1)       Annual membership subscriptions should be paid within 1st January to 31st March of every year. Delay in payment will lead to fines. If any member’s subscriptions remain unpaid for two (02) consecutive years, such membership will be cancelled according to the newly amended   Constitution, 2016.

2)       All members have to abide by the rules and regulations of the Forum. Any violation of such norms may attract penalty or punishment or both.

3)       Carrying of Forum ID card is mandatory for all shooting schedules.

4)       The Shooting Record Diary provided by the Forum, will have to be duly filled in by the members concerned on all shooting days regularly, or else, in case of payment-related disputes, complaint without photocopy of relevant entries in the Shooting Diary, will not be entertained.

5)       Forum is to be intimated, with adequate proof, in case of change in personal details.

6)       Members have to maintain shooting call-time. In case of any delay due to unforeseen circumstances, the programmer or director of the project concerned, should be intimated.

7)       Confirmation of Call-Time and shooting dates over SMS and WhatsApp is mandatory.

8)       In case of clash of shooting dates between two different projects, please ask the production houses concerned to solve such problems mutually. Your personal interference in the matter is discouraged.

9)       It is compulsory for members to attend all meetings and functions organized by the Forum. Inability to attend the programmes should be intimated in advance to the Forum office.

10)     In case of complaints against any producer, artiste or work place, members are requested to intimate the Forum in writing. No verbal complaint will be entertained.

11)     In case of acceptance of replacement roles, obtaining and verification of the NOC from the former actor to be replaced is mandatory.

12)     Mobile phones are to be mandatorily kept on silent mode or switched off while on the shooting floor.

13)     Other than any emergency, cancellation of shooting dates must be intimated to the concerned production houses at least 48 hours before the stipulated date and time. In case of continuous leave for seven days or more, an intimation must be given at least 15 days prior to the date of leave

14)     You are requested to advice/ suggest your co-actor/actress to become a member of Artists' Forum if he/she is not a member.

15)     Forum will not be responsible if any member makes any agreement with any producer or channel by violating rules and regulations of Forum.

16)     Annual subscription for Forum's quarterly magazine, BATAYON, is mandatory w.e.f. 2017. Contribution of write-ups by members for BATAYON are welcome, but publication of the same is at the sole discretion of the Magazine Editorial Committee.

17)     Forum stands for the welfare and protection of rights of its members. But the Forum will not, under any circumstances, guarantee any work to its members.

18)     Forum is engaged in various welfare activities throughout the year and these call for appreciable expenses. As such, members are requested to contribute, solely at their own discretion, towards the Forum's Welfare Fund to broaden such spheres of activity in future.