1)       To organize all the actors of Film and Television Industry of West Bengal for a better and secured future.

2)          To secure and maintain a healthy working environment for the members.

3)          To solve out the various problems, grievances and deprival of the members.

4)    To initiate the settlement of any financial and other disputes between employers and employees amicably so that ceasation of work is avoided.

5)          To ensure the quality of work and respect of the Artistes.

6)         To safeguard and improve the basic criteria and objectives of the working ambiance, especially for the Artistes.

7)       To initiate a very positive step by means of lectures, workshops, meetings for the betterment of film-makers, directors, actors and the overall industry.

8)          To create a healthy working atmosphere in all studios and all shooting locations. 

9)      To ensure cordial relation with all technicians, producers, TV channel personalities, thereby creating a healthy working atmosphere in the industry.

10)     To stand beside distressed artistes particularly in their old age.